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Entry #1

Fear from the Heart

2015-07-27 10:35:23 by AnuJohansson



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2015-08-12 17:11:08

You did an awesome job. I hope to see more from you around here soon.


2015-08-14 13:16:34

Hee I got it I commented this already but I'm for nothing but for responding to Your response somewhere in the reviews for this being a submission, instead of News Post. And so, for me the "worms" were that streaming shadows right below eyes. And now additional complaining :D
Wrinkles of scare, what's with them? Nice if there didn't have stayed hidden inside the darkness, but It's once again me being me.
PS: I must get it significantly more straight, where I wrote about eyelashes in the review I for realie meant eyebrows! (so very very very MUCH dumb of me, ouch I know). I must reveal reality - I'm not such first English language speaker, I mean I'm even not even from a country which teaches the language of English to speak at first. Lotta people try and sometimes try hard to learn English anyway but It's only just like on the rest of the world as - I do know it good - English is most likely to be picked up for all existing educational purposes. Yeah, sure I'm really really sorry I wrote eyelashes not eyebrows and I also really really wish I could respond EXACTLY near Your response to me :(

Oh, by the way, she's a beauty and I mean by that she's up to look fine happy :) (not too much in monochrome style once again :p)
Eh that excessive writings of mine. If someone who done reading em all and doesn't have a headache then hell yeah can be considered as true epic warrior hero.